Function Expressions

List of mathematical functions, which can be used in function textfields of JavaView:

Code Mathematical function
abs(double) absolute value
acos(double) arc cosine
asin(double) arc sine
atan(double) arc tangent
acot(double) arc cotangent
ceil(double) Returns the smallest double value that is not less than the argument and is equal to a mathematical integer.
cos(double) cosine
exp(double) e raised by the power of double
floor(double) Returns the largest double value that is not greater than the argument and is equal to a mathematical integer.
log(double) natural logarithm (base e)
round(double) Returns double with value of closest integer to the argument.
sin(double) sine
sqrt(double) square root
tan(double) tangent
cot(double) cotangent
sinh(double) hyperbolic sine
cosh(double) hyperbolic cosine
tanh(double) hyperbolic tangent
coth(double) hyperbolic cotangent
asinh(double) hyperbolic arc sine
acosh(double) hyperbolic arc cosine
atanh(double) hyperbolic arc tangent
acoth(double) hyperbolic arc cotangent
sign(double) Returns 1.0 for positive arguments, -1.0 for negative arguments and 0.0 for argument zero.
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