Part: User Interface of JavaView

Chapter: Inpectors

Section: Infopanels

Subsection: Infopanel of Polygon Sets

Polygon sets in JavaView are essentially point sets with additional information about how to connect points to each other with edges. Each such row of connected points is called a polygon, all polygons together form the polygon set.

Author Information, Description and Name
These are described in the Introduction to Infopanels.
Vertex Information
Is already described in the Infopanel of Point Sets.
Polygon Information
Number of Polygons Displays the current number of polygons in this polygon set. Changing the value and pressing Enter removes or adds polygons at the end of the array.
Vertices per Polygon Displays the number of points that are connected by each polygon (if the polygons have different number of points, this fact is displayed here instead).
Index Activate a checkbox to mark the polygon with the given index. Deactivate to unmark the polygon.
Connectivity Information 0 1 2 ... Each horizontal row of numbers describes which vertices are connected to a polygon (and in which order they are connected). Vertices are referenced by their index in the vertex array. If you change anything type Enter to make the change effective.
C Every polygon can have additional information attached to it. You can edit this information by clicking on this button. The information is not yet saved in jvx or other file formats, you need to save a serialized geometry.
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