JavaView JVX File Format - Header Section

Header Tags

meta tag

A meta tag must have one of the attributes generator or date. The meta tag with generator attribute is for some information about what program was used for producing this xml description file and with the date attribute it is for giving the date when this xml description file was produced.

version tag

A version tag can have a type attribute which is optional. The type attribute can be dump (default), beta or final. This is useful for distinguishing between different versions of a model.

title tag

The title tag is necessary. It should contain a short prezise name for this model.

authors tag

The authors tag is for bundling some author tags. Inside them there are five tags. One for the first name, one for the last name, one for some information about the affiliation of this author, one for his e-mail address and one optional url tag for an internet address.

The affiliation tag embraces two tags organization and address. The organization is for the company, university or similar, and the address is for the postal address of this author.

description tag

The description tag encloses the abstract tag which contains a single line verbal description of the geometry.

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