Demo Applets of JavaView

JavaView has an open class library for differential geometry, numerics and mathematical visualization to easily create sophisticated applets. Its class library can be used and extended for own geometry experiments in Java, while always profiting from the advanced 3D visualization capabilities and the web integration.

The following sample applets were generated with JavaView. The required JavaView archives are automatically downloaded when the first applet is loaded and then stored in the cache of the browser. No further download is required as you invoke the second and next applets. Look here in case of problems.

A good starting point is the introduction to the 3D geometry viewer and a look at the help pages.

Viewer Introduction How to use the 3D viewer: rotate, translate or scale a surface.
Help on JavaView Help on menus, dialogs and keyboard shortcuts of JavaView..
View Models Select a JavaView model, or browse your disk in the application version.
Keyframe Animation Animation from a set of precomputed models having the same mesh.

Advanced: More sophisticated applications of JavaView.

Animation Animated surface deformation between Catenoid and Helicoid.
Parametrized Surface Type the equations of a parameterized surface.
Geometric Surfaces Collection of classic surfaces.
Curves on Surfaces Explore classic curves on surfaces.
Platonic Solids Platonic solids and modelling techniques.
Discrete Geodesics Geodesics on polyhedral surfaces.
ODE Solver Type an ordinary differential equation and study the solution.
Cycloid Curve Animated generation of a cycloid curve.
Root Finder Collection of classic surfaces.
Harmonic Maps Minimize area and other surface energies.
Rivara Refinement Adaptively refine triangulations with the Rivara bisection algorithm.
Scalar Field Visualize scalar fields on a surface.
Weierstrass Minimal surfaces given by the Weierstrass representation.
Parametrized Surface Type the equation of a parameterized surface.
Textured Surface Assign textures to a surface.
Closed Polygon Transform closed arc length parameterized polygons.
Elastic Curve Generalized elastic curves (continuous case).
Billard in an Ellipse Discrete rotational CMC surfaces by playing elliptic billiard.
LIC Visualization Generate line integral convolution images of vector fields.
Discrete Vector Fields Discrete tangential vector fields on triangulations using geodesic technique.
Hodge Splitting Hodge decomposition of discrete vector fields for feature detection.
Surfaces of Rotation Surfaces of revolution.
Mean Curvature Flow Anisotropic mean curvature flow
Pythagorean Tree Trees generated by right-angled triangles and squares.
Julia Sets Visualization of Julia sets.

Integration: JavaView and third-party software packages:

Mathematica Put any (animated) Mathematica graphics on the web in a JavaView applet, or fully integrate JavaView into Mathematica including scripting and handling of user pick events.
Maple Put a (animated) Maple graphics on the web in a JavaView applet, or launch JavaView from Maple.
Polymake Polymake uses JavaView for visualization.
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