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Model Viewer: A Web-Based Geometry Viewer

Visualize and study your own geometry models using this web service which is based on JavaView. The model files may reside on your local computer or somewhere on the internet. Simply, browse your local disk or type the URL of a model using the form below.

In the display, use the right mouse to get help or to open the control panel.

Browse for a geometry file on your local disk and press <upload>:

Example: http://www.javaview.de/models/sampleTorus.jvx

Currently, the file formats described in data formats are supported which include JavaView's JVX, BYU, Sun's OBJ, Mathematica graphics MGS, Maple graphics MPL, STL, WRL, DXF (some formats are partially supported only). You may also upload gzip- or zip-compressed files which must have an extension like .jvx.gz or .mpl.zip.

Your uploaded file will remain on the server for at most 3 hours!



Java applets running in a web browser are not allowed to read from a local computer or from a URL locations other than from the domain which hosts the applet. This is part of the sand box security concept of Java, and does not depend on features of JavaView.

A drawback of this security concept is, for example, that a JavaView applet is not allowed to load and visualize a geometry file from any place other than the JavaView server. Especially, users of the JavaView web site are not able to load their own geometry models unless they download the JavaView archives.

The Model Viewer is web service to circumvents the security restrictions to offer the latest functionality of JavaView to all users without a need to update the user's own JavaView installation. Here we use the well-established HTML upload mechanism to upload files from the user's computer or from any URL to the JavaView web server, and then passing a relative link within the JavaView web server to the JavaView applet.

The upload mechanism is no security vulnerability neither is any information from your local computer transferred beside the model file which you selected for upload. Uploaded model files are automatically removed from the JavaView web server after at most 3 hours. The temporarily uploaded files are generally invisible to other users.

If you do not trust this web service then simply install JavaView on your local computer from the download section at the JavaView web site http://www.javaview.de.

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