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Root Finder: Compute Zeros of Real-Valued Functions

Type a new function and study it's zero crossings. Look at the info panel to view the numerical values of the roots. To get the info Panel press F1 or Ctrl-i.

Controls in the Project Panel:

Function expression text field In the text field you can use the mathematical functions described in Expressions.html to type a new function, the zero crossings of which you wont to be found.
Slider "xMin" Lower bound of definition interval for the function.
Slider "xMax" Upper bound of definition interval for the function.
Slider "Discr of Polygon" Number of equidistant x-values in the definition interval. For these x-values the function will be evaluated to find starting values for the searching algorithm.

View source code (for details go to JavaView tutorial):
PaRootFinder.java of applet,
PjRootFinder.java of project,
PjRootFinder_IP.java of info panel.

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