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The Unfolder: any 3D polygonal mesh is unfolded to the plane

Load a model, even from your own website via http-link, and unfold the mesh into the plane. Note: if you have a private installation of JavaView then you may invoke the unfolder on any geometry as a geometry effect via the menu METHODS->EFFECT->UNFOLD.

Controls in the Project Panel:

Load Model Type the http-Address of your own model, or select from the model repository of JavaView
Adjust Size ... Allow JavaView to adjust the size of the model during the unfolding process to fit the display. You may also scale the initial or last frame by providing custom values.
Fix Element ... The selected face of the mesh remains unchanged during the unfolding process. When the checkbox is enabled you can easily select a face by keeping the key-i pressed and clicking on a chosen face. Note, you may click on faces even during an animation.
Add Splices ... Some people use the applet to build paper models. Adding splices simplifies the glueing of the paper model. The splices are visible only at the fully unfolded mesh.
Animate .. Animate the unfolding pocess and play it back and fourth at different speed.
Unfold / Refold Buttons allow to unfold or refold a mesh, without animation.
Improve Unfolding This option appears when the unfolding produces several disjoint planar components. In many case JavaView is able to further reduce the number of components of the planar mesh. Note, if an unfolding procudes many components, then a reduction may produces less components but decrease the size of the largest component in favour of an increase of all minor components.
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