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Package jv.project

Major classes related with projects and JavaView interfaces.

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Package jv.project Description

Major classes related with projects and JavaView interfaces.

Projects cover the functionality of a specific user problem. Projects might compute surfaces, load geometries from file, or solve differential equations. They are specialized classes making use of most of the functionality available in JavaView. Projects can be used as building blocks in other projects. In some sense, a project is similar to an applet, which targets a specific problem. In JavaView a lot of functionality exists in a set of projects. Projects may be loaded from an applet or interactively via the menu of the control window.

The advantage of distinguishing between applets and projects is reusability. An applet is a final thing while projects may be used as building blocks to create larger networks of projects where each project solves a specified task. A project is similar to a class with all object-oriented benefits.

The class PjProject is the root class of projects, and user projects should subclass from it. A project may have an info panel and contain a set of instances of other classes. Currently, a project may contain only a single geometry. A project is registered with its name in PvViewer via PvViewer.addProject. A projected is selected, i.e. activated, via PvViewer.selectProject. This call registers the geometry of the project in the display and invokes the start() method of PjProject.

Adding and Selecting a Project from HTML Page

A project may be added and selected via HTML parameters, and additional project parameters may be specified in the HTML page. PvViewer reads these information and loads the corresponding project. An example of the HTML parameters is the following:

<applet code="PgViewerApplet.class" name="PgViewerApplet Main" width="480" height="360">
  <param name="Select"   value="Curve as Bezier">
  <param name="Project1" value="Animated Torus as PointSet; jv.appl.PjAnimPointSet">
  <param name="Project2" value="Curve as Bezier;            jv.appl.PjBezierCurve_Test">
  <param name="Project3" value="Domain Test;                jv.appl.PjDomain_Test">

  <param name="Console" value="Show">     <!Show/Hide VGP-console for debugging>
  <param name="Control" value="Hide">     <!Show/Hide control panel>
  <param name="Frame"   value="Show">     <!Show/Hide frame around applet>
  <param name="Panel"   value="Project">  <!Name of initial panel if control panel is showing>

The parameter Project1 etc denote names and classes of projects to be added to the project list of the PvViewer. The appended number must start run from 1 to the number of projects. The total number need not be specified. One of theses projects may be selected and activiated by name with the parameter Select.

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