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7. Working with Advanced Options

Prolog and Epilog

Prolog and Epilog are options for graphics functions which gives a list of graphics primitives to be rendered before resp. after the main part of the graphics is rendered. In[1]:= pe = Graphics3D[Stellate[Dodecahedron[]], Prolog -> {RGBColor[0., 0., 0.], Polygon[{{1., 1.}, {1., 0.}, {0., 1.}}]}, Epilog -> {RGBColor[1., 0., 0.], Thickness[0.02], Line[{{0.6, 0.9}, {0.776, 0.357}, {0.315, 0.693}, {0.885, 0.693}, {0.424, 0.357}, {0.6, 0.9}}]}];

In[2]:= JavaView[pe]

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Specifies a backgrond color. In[1]:= bg = Graphics3D[Stellate[Dodecahedron[]], Background -> RGBColor[1., 0., 0.]];

In[2]:= JavaView[bg]

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DefaultColor is an option for graphics functions which specifies the default color to use for lines, points, etc. In[1]:= dc = Graphics3D[Stellate[Dodecahedron[]], DefaultColor -> RGBColor[1, 0, 0]];

In[2]:= JavaView[dc]

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PlotRegion is an option for graphics functions that specifies what region of the final display area a plot should fill. In[1]:= pr = Graphics3D[Stellate[Dodecahedron[]], PlotRegion -> {{0., 0.5}, {0., 1.}}];

In[2]:= JavaView[pr]

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TextStyle is an option for graphics functions and for Text which specifies the default style and font options with which text should be rendered. In[1]:= ts = Graphics3D[Stellate[Dodecahedron[]], TextStyle -> {FontSlant -> "Italic", FontSize -> 12}, Axes -> True];

In[2]:= JavaView[ts]

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FormatType is an option for output streams,graphics and functions such asText which specifies the default format type to use when outputting expressions. In[1]:= ft = Graphics3D[Stellate[Dodecahedron[]], FormatType -> TraditionalForm, Axes -> True, Ticks -> {{-1, -1/2, 0, 1/2, 1}, {-1, -1/2, 0, 1/2, 1}, {-1, -1/2, 0, 1/2, 1}}];

In[2]:= JavaView[ft]

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ColorFunction and ColorFunctionScaling

ColorFunction is an option for various graphics functions which specifies a function to apply to a values to determine the color to use for a particular a, a region. In[1]:= cf = SurfaceGraphics[Table[Sin[x]*Exp[y], {x, -Pi, Pi, Pi/4.}, {y, -E, E, E/4.}], ColorFunction -> Automatic, Lighting -> False];

In[2]:= JavaView[cf]

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Shows no effect in JavaView. RenderAll is an option for the Postscript export of Mathematica and has no visible effects in the Mathematica display.


ColorOutput is an option for graphics functions which specifies the type of color output to produce. In[1]:= co = Graphics3D[Stellate[Dodecahedron[]], ColorOutput -> GrayLevel];

In[2]:= JavaView[co]

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The ImageSize is used as display size, when JavaView runs as application. If it is used in an applet, the applet tag defines the size of the display and the ImageSize option is ignored.


FaceForm is a directive which specifies separate color directives to be used for drawing the front and back faces of a geometry. In[1]:= ff = Graphics3D[{FaceForm[RGBColor[0., 0., 1.], RGBColor[1., 0., 0.]], Stellate[Dodecahedron[]]}, Lighting -> False];

In[2]:= JavaView[ff]

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EdgeForm[ ] specifies the one or more graphics directives to be used for the drawing of edges. In[1]:= ef = Graphics3D[{EdgeForm[RGBColor[1., 0., 0.], Thickness[.01]], Stellate[Dodecahedron[]]}];

In[2]:= JavaView[ef]

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