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Requirements for JavaView

JavaView runs on any computer and operating system which has a web browser with a valid Java_1.1 installation. The currently available browsers all support Java. For older versions see below.

The browser installation on Win/NT PCs and Macintosh computers usually do all necessary Java installations. On UNIX systems some additional setup might be necessary for each user, for example, a correct CLASSPATH - please, consult your system operator.

In Case of Problems

The initial download of the JavaView archive may need some time on slow connections. The JavaView archives are transferred once. Further JavaView applets do not require a new download of the archive but use the version of the browser's cache.

General Rules

If there is no applet or geometry visible after some time, try the following steps:

  1. Browser Version: Check if Java is installed and available in your browser. If you do not know your browser's version number, go to the following page which will list your browser properties.
  2. Security Issues: If you do not see the message "JavaView initializing ..." or a model does not load or show up in JavView, there might be a security issue. Try open the Java Console of your browser or your operating system and search for related warning messages. Security issues are a bit delicate for beginners to understand and you might want to ask an expert who knows about your operating system and the security policy. This has nothing to do with JavaView.

Windows Family

  1. Deprecated javaview.exe: On Microsoft has dropped support for their own Java virtual machine. Since the executable of JavaView requires the deprecated MS-virtual machine we have discontinued the support of the JavaView executable. If you still have the virtual machine installed you may still use the exe. But you are advised to upgrade to a more recent virtual machine from Sun or some other vendor.

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