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Projects and Animation in JavaView

Demo applet shows how to subclass from an existing geometry class in JavaView and supply an own computation method for creating the coordinates of an (animated) surface.

This example shows how to embed own classes in a JavaView project. Nearly all applications in JavaView are embedded into projects, each with a special functionality. Such projects can be reused as building blocks in other circumstances, like a class. In fact, a project is a subclass of jv.project.PjProject, which allows to manage a set of geometries, a display(s), and other projects, and to react on animation and pick events.

Controls in project panel (ctrl-j or right-mouse/Control Panel/Inspector/Project):

Slider "Number of u-Lines" Discretization of parameter domain in u-direction.
Slider "Number of v-Lines" Discretization of parameter domain in v-direction.
Button "Reset" Set Number of u-Lines and Number of v-Lines to the default values.

Usage: Press F4 or Ctrl-a to display the animation panel and press the START button in the panel. While geometry animates, interaction in the viewer is simultaneously possible. This animation panel is also used for different other projects showing time-dependent phenomena.

View source code:
of applet
MySurface.java of surface
of project
of info panel of project.

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