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Keyframe Animation of Wente Torus

Applet demonstrates the loading of keyframe animations and the keyframe panel inside the animation panel. Use panel to start/stop transformation.

This applet displays an animated sequence of geometries. There must exist a number of, say n, geometry files which are sequentially numbered like geom.1.byu, geom.2.byu, ..., geom.n.byu. The word 'geom' is any base name. When JavaView read this sequence then it display a continuous animation by interpolating between the geometries of adjacent keyframes.

Here is the applet which generates the shown animation on this pages:

<applet code="vgp.tutor.key.PaKeyframe.class"
   width="300" height="300" codebase="../../../"
   <param name="Model" value="models/cmc/Wente_Anim.*.byu">
   <param name="Number" value="2">
   <param name="Animation" value="Show">

The parameters have the following meaning:

Model Name of geometry files with relative path w.r.t. the code base where the running number is replaced with the character *.
Number Number of geometry files. Counting starts at 1.
Animation Show or Hide the animation control panel when applet is started..

For usage of the animation control panel see Animation Panel description.

View source code:
PaKeyframe.java of applet,
PjKeyframe.java of project,
PjKeyframe_IP.java of project panel.
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