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Find Roots of Real-Valued Functions

Type a new function and study its zero crossings. The info panel will show the numerical values of the roots. Open the info panel by pressing Ctrl-i or from the menu bar Inspector->Geometry->Info.


Function expression textfield Type the expression of a function whose zero crossing you want to study. Use any combination of mathematical functions described in Expressions.html.
Slider "xMin" Lower bound of definition interval of the function.
Slider "xMax" Upper bound of definition interval of the function.
Slider "Discr of Polygon" Number of equidistant samples being computed in the definition interval. The function will be evaluated at sample points to find starting values for the searching algorithm.

View source code:
PaRootFinder.java of applet,
PjRootFinder of project,
PjRootFinder_IP of project panel.

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